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ATV Quad Tour

Quad Tour Jaco Beach is ideal for those looking for an ideal point of view, the adrenaline, and the exploration of the most beautiful areas of Jaco and Playa Hermosa.ATV Quad Tour Costa Rica, Jaco It is an external Quad Tour / exciting and challenging that took place in the forest that looks most beautiful places where you have a view of some of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica.

Adventure Throughout the difficult paths we visit Playa Hermosa (Beautiful Beach), a magnificent world-famous for its waves, after admiring the beautiful area of ​​Playa Hermosa, we headed to Jaco, where we take you back to your hotel.

Whether you’re an experienced ATV enthusiast or a beginner, this tour can not be missed if you are staying in the area.

These ATV Tours offer all year round 4 × 4 driving experience on the shores of the beach, back trails, mud, and river crossings. So if you are at home and want something different, then a 4 × 4 may be one of the books.

Riding in wet or dry

  • The months of the rainy season from June to November are the wettest rain, so if you want to get dirty enough, this is the best time to start a 4 × 4. Anything fewer mud puddles and showers in the afternoon along as expected.
  • The dry season from December to May is the driest month. To defy the dust and dirt splash his way through the mud , is now recommended.

ATV Duration of visit

  • Most Costa Ricans ATV Tours usually last four to eight hours, depending on whether it is a full or half-day trip. Others offer up to three days and there is even a cycling tour for eight days named after the famous ATV Jungle Challenge.

Adventure all-inclusive

  • You not only get to ride as hard and tough 4 × 4. ATV Tours These include food, so no need to worry about losing your energy throughout the ride. In addition, packages with hotel accommodation, tours, and insurance within the reserves, parks offered, etc.

ATV Tours All Around Costa Rica


  • Scenic drive through rainforest & great lookout points
  • World-famous surfing beach Playa Hermosa
  • Full adrenaline Quad Tour
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off


  • Round trip transportation
  • Bilingual guide
  • Fully Equipped ATV
  • Safety helmet
  • Visit Hermosa Beach
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