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Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing

Adventure  Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica

tarpon Sport FIshing

While most fish hang out in salt water or fresh water, the Costa Rican tarpon is equally adept to live in both conditions. These gigantic fish are known for great acrobatics and are one of the best fights available anywhere. Because these fishes change their habits so often, tarpon fishing in Costa Rica is not like fishing for most other species. The good news is that when you go fishing with us at DR Sport Fishing Costa Rica, you will always have an expert guide to get into the fish and make sure you have the best opportunity to engage one of these awesome opponents.

Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing Many fishermen who have fished for the tarpon in Florida have said that tarpon fishing in Costa Rica is an experience that changed their view of tarpon fishing forever. In the Caribbean, Barra del Colorado is known for having the largest hydrographic basin on Costa Rica’s East Coast. Nearby there are fishing spots such as Parismina and Tortuguero as well. There are hundreds of streams and lagoons complete with three river mouths all within twenty minutes of each other by boat, which are ripe with tarpon most of the year. This area is by all standards one of the best places for tarpon fishing in the world.

We offer some lodging options and fishing packages. Every customer we take for tarpon fishing returns to want more. We can prepare you for some other great Costa Rican fishing, so come down for the tarpon, marlin, sailfish, and other great species we have to offer.

At DR Fishing Costa Rica, you will be treated as a family and will have all your needs met. We provide fully bilingual guides and captains, as well as frontline equipment and boats. Dan is always ready to personally help you plan your trip and loves talking about fishing, best of all, if you have any questions, you will have a professional guide and a lifelong fisherman ready to help. 

While March, April, May, September, and October are some of the best months of tarpon fishing, this fish bites all year long and after decades of tracking these monsters, our team knows exactly when and where to find them. To book a tarpon trip during your Costa Rica vacation.

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