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Costa Rica Tortuga Island Tours

Costa Rica Tortuga Island a tropical paradise protected near Jaco

45 minutes from Jaco, two islands of 120 acres, surrounded by crystal waters teeming with marine life that are known to go diving, snorkeling, and other water activities.

The island of Alcatraz is the minimum and maximum Tolinga, meaning turtle Huétar Aboriginal language, the first inhabitants of the region of the central Pacific.

These islands belong to the state and leased to the family of Mario Costa Fernández Cubero, who was commissioner for 30 years to protect the islands, reforestation with native species that had disappeared from there, and ban hunting. On the island, protected as a reserve by the laws of Costa Rica, had located a shelter for rescued animals where they work to rehabilitate them for their eventual reintegration into the wild.

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Anchored Tortuga IslandHorseback Riding Tortuga Island

Turtle Island is located in the southwestern Gulf of Nicoya, 500 meters from the beach in public places. In its depth is three sunken ships, more than in any other part of Central America. It is a 95 foot Coast Guard boat named Franklin Chang Diaz, after illustrious Tico astronaut. It is located at a depth of 23 meters to 17 meters. The other building is a building called the Coast Guard colonel Alfonso Monge and is 82 feet long.

The third is called Carolina star and 30 meters ( 100 feet ) and is where white sharks usually see flap over many snappers and the usual assortment of other fish in the tropical Pacific. Other attractions in the park include horseback riding, canopy, and hiking trails. On Turtle Island, you can find a convenience store, gift shop, an internet cafe, public toilets, and a place to keep your turtle

Costa Rica Tortuga Island Tours and Options

Several companies and vessels can lead to this wonderful island of Tortuga. Options include a small boat from Herradura Bay. There are also Catamaran Tours which includes meals, snacks, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

These companies include transportation from anywhere in Jaco and Playa Herradura and include games and equipment own diving equipment. This option is highly recommended if you want to maximize the experience of Turtle Island.

When booking, please note that there are also visiting Puntarenas, which can add time and cost of transportation, so do not forget to ask where they are supposed to respond to your boat or catamaran tour.

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