Fishing in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica

Fishing in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica

As for the central Pacific, including drum fishing in this area, but it is out of the Nicoya Peninsula. My reasoning is simple, fishing places fishing in the same waters, located just opposite the central Pacific coast. No ports here and all fishing trips are available by pangas to pick you up on the shore. Flying into Tambor is an option to get there, and the other is by car and ferry.Fishing in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica

Fishing in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica Quepos, Jaco, los Suños

If you go fishing and then challenge Jaco Costa Rica should be on your list because it has the world-famous Los Suenos Marina fishing. There are many companies that offer charter fishing trips daily from the pier, but must be booked well in advance to ensure availability. South and hour or two are Quepos, the last fishing village of Central Pacific. So far, it has not been a marina, a fishing pier is collected and taken to the sport fishing charters that are anchored in the bay. However, there is a new marina in Quepos called up Sailfish Marina will open in May 2009. This marina is amazing is not only huge but perfectly planned in every way. Fishing in Costa Rica will change forever once this place is open. Currently docks and sell everything from fishing charters to sailboats and yachts are booking huge spaces.

If you stay in Quepos, then one of the best maps of fish, bluefish, which has been in business for many years and offers three boats to choose from. Another great fishing business to consider is Quepos Sailfishing Charters offer fishing boats for fishermen of high quality on a daily basis. Contact Us Get More info
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