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Kayaking Tours and Expeditions

Costa Rica Kayaking Tours

With 635 kilometers of coastline along the Pacific coast and 132 miles in the Caribbean, and both oceans fed by hundreds of rivers, Costa Rica offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the growing sport Sea kayak.

Sea kayaking is a natural way to experience our beautiful Costa Rica. Sea kayaking is a small motorboat car designed by former Arctic Eskimo tribes and became an art March stable, efficient and have excellent wildlife viewing and totally discreet. No experience is necessary to control the kayak for the first time. The rudder and shovel are the tools needed to control the operation of the ship.

Kayak Tour CostaRica, Jaco, Herradura

Kayak in the ocean can be a fun way to discover the wonders of the marine and coastal, Costa Rica, and several companies offer sea kayaking trips along with different parts of the Pacific coast. Sea kayaking is much easier than river kayaking, and most trips can be made by people who have never tried the sport before.

A sea kayaking tour is an opportunity to reach out to a large amount of life under and above the surface of the ocean – flying fish and sea turtles to frigates and pelicans – and explore some islands and coastal estuaries difficult access. Outfitters currently offer sea kayaking tours in Bahia Culebra, Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, around islands and estuaries near Manuel Antonio and Curu National Wildlife Refuge.

Costa Rica offers a great challenge for kayak levels V. There are also less demanding careers that are unmatched by its beauty and wildlife.

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