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Surf Lessons

Jaco Beach Costa Rica Surf

Costa Rica Surfing, Tours in Jaco Beach

With its warm tropical waters, sandy beaches, blue skies, and spectacular scenery, friendly people, and an incredible variety of waves, Costa Rica have become one of the favorite playgrounds of the surfing world.

The long beach of Jaco offers waves for surfers and surfers emerging.

The year-round consistent surf and warm waters provide the best place to learn to surf or improve your surfing.

Surf lessons are designed to maximize your learning with training on the beach and in the water.

jaco beach Surfing CostaRica

Your instructor is very good at his side at all times and provides all the necessary equipment and training: learning the basics of sailing, surfing, wave dynamics of the label, and the safety of the ocean.

At the end of the first day, we promise to take place in the waves like an old pro (well, maybe just standing).

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