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Carara National Park Tour

Costa Rica Carara National Park Tour

Note abundant wildlife under a canopy of giant trees in the Carara National Park! Check our Tour leaving from Jaco, Herradura, Los Sueños, Hermosa Beach, the experience of the transition zone is unique tropical dry forest and find macaws, sloths, and poison frogs while walking with a local guide. After exploring the slopes, guests can enjoy a stop in Jaco Beach – a surfers paradise!Carara National Park Costa Rica

When you reach the Jaco Carara National Park with its informative guide, you will be amazed by the amount of wildlife and easy place in this amazing biological reserve, which covers 11,600 acres ( 4,700 hectares). Embark on a 3-hour walk through the forest as your guide highlights the natural ecological features for your small group.

The reserve contains a primary forest that supports a variety of species habitat, is a paradise for bird watching, as the forest is dry, more open to watching the wildlife easier – especially a group small. To travel the roads and watch silently through the undergrowth, learning to fall, a mountainous region acts as a transition zone for flora and fauna.

Your guide will help you spot scarlet macaws and parrots, parakeets chin orange momotos, skip, and a variety of hummingbirds. Keep an eye on the different types of water birds, including herons, egrets, and kingfishers, which are among the seasonal wetlands fed by the Rio Grande de Tarcoles ( Tarcoles River ).Carara National Park Tour

If you are lucky, you might spot some fascinating creatures such as the American crocodile white, green, and black poison dart frogs, red brocade, and raccoons – the white-faced monkeys, as well as two and three-toed sloths.

Finally, relax in Jaco Beach and watch the waves before your guide will take you back to your hotel in town.

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