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Snorkel Dolphin Watch in Herradura beach

    Snorkel Dolphin Watch in Herradura beach

    Dolphins! If the word brings a smile to your face, you owe it to yourself to join us at Dolphin Watch. This trip on Pacific Whale Research 18 wild dolphins, focuses exclusively on the introduction to the species of wild dolphins that are found in our waters.

    In addition, you will visit incredibly beautiful places where wild dolphins are and enjoy the expert interpretation of the interactions and behaviors of dolphins.
    Ours most frequently sighted dolphins are the spinner dolphins, gregarious social Hawaii typically found.

    Costa Rica Dolphin Watch

    Snorkel Dolphin Watch in Herradura beach

    Dolphin watching, snorkel and relax your soul as you enjoy in Costa Rica.
    When you meet up with the dolphins and whales, the equipment the ship will stop, so you can sit on board, surrounded by his splendor, while sharing staff with knowledge of everything you want to know about these creatures amazing and beautiful!

    After a thrilling ride, you can enjoy snorkeling in an exclusive area. Come have fun with pristine reefs, marine life and enjoy a sumptuous lunch buffet, cold beer, or any other soft drinks.

    When you take a dolphin watching and Snorkel Tour Enjoy an unforgettable journey of dolphin watching and water to take a snorkel tour.

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