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Atlantic Sailfish

Atlantic Sailfish

Class: Osteichthyes
Order: Perciformes
Family: Istiophoridea
Species: Istiophorus albicans

Other common names: Sailfish

Maximum weight: 70kg (150lb)

Current all time I.G.F.A. record: 64kg (141lb 1oz) – Luanda, Angola – 19 February, 1994

Mandible: Straight

Pectoral fins: Fins will fold flat along the body

Dorsal fin: Retractable

Identifying features: Upper body and sail dorsal spotted with dark and light blue spots. Lower body silver-white. The dorsal fin is highest in the middle.

Expected temperature range: 70°F to 86°F (21°C to 30°C)

Migration and breeding:

Typical location: Open water around schools of ballyhoo, squid, mullet. Will come within close proximity to land if bait and warm currents are present. Over ocean mountains and canyons.

Fighting characteristics: Spectacular acrobat that can spend more time in the air than in the water when hooked. Exceptionally fast fish that generally does not fight deep. Prime gamefish for fly-on light tackle.

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