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Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin

Class: Osteichthyes
Order: Perciformes
Family: Istiophoridea
Species : Tetraturus audax

Other common names: Striper, Stripey

Maximum weight: 250kg (550lb)

Current all-time I.G.F.A. record: 224.10kg (494lb) – Tutukaka, New Zealand – 16 January 1986

Mandible: Straight

Pectoral Fins: Fins fold flat along the body.

Dorsal fin: Retractable

Identifying features: This species has a single and prominent lateral line. The first three rays on the dorsal fin are almost the same length as the height of the body. The dorsal is also higher than the Black or Blue Marlin. The upper body is dark with cobalt blue and lavender spots when excited or under stress. The lower body is silver-white. The anal fin is large and also pointed, unlike the White Marlin which has a rounded anal fin. The body has 10-16 highly visible stripes which can vary between cobalt blue, purple, and lavender.

Expected temperature range: 64° F to 86° F (18° C to 30° C)

Migration and breeding:

Typical location: Open ocean along the continental shelf and current lines, ocean mountains, and canyons. Around schools of bait such as ballyhoo, pilchards, and squid. Will come close to shore if warm currents and bait are present.

Fighting characteristics: Strong fighter on light tackle. Commonly dances across the surface when hooked and jumps can be spectacular. When first hooked some fish will jump several times then dive deep and never return to the surface. Fantastic fish to catch on fly tackle due to its speed and enthusiasm to “chomp” on a well-presented fly.

striped marlin
pacific sailfish
Black marlin
atlantic sailfish
atlantic blue marlin
pacific blue marlin
White Marlin
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